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There’s a number of different ad objectives you can use to run your campaigns.

Here’s the main ones that we recommend and are using: Traffic, Conversions, Video views, Lead Generation, Engagement, and Brand Awareness.


If you just want to send people to a web page or article then you’ll want traffic.

We don’t use traffic to get email addresses because we want to optimise our adverts for conversions. The only time we would use website traffic is to a landing page or offer if the Facebook pixel is new and needs some data.

You can only optimise for conversions when Facebook has data about that specific conversion.


When you’re running lead generation campaigns and sales campaigns you’ll want to run conversion ads because Facebook uses the conversion data to go into Facebook and find other people who are similar to the people that have converted.

This means that Facebook will then show your ad to people who are most likely to click through and convert.

Conversion ads make a massive difference and gives you deeper insights into what’s really working.

Video Views

Video views are amazing. With this objective Facebook places your ad in front of people who are more likely to watch the video.

The beautiful thing about video views is you can build a custom audience from people who watch your videos whom you can retarget later.

Lead Generation

Lead ads are a newer type and they don’t work for everyone. Rather than going to a landing page or your website, when someone clicks on a lead ad they are taken to an opt-in page within Facebook.

You are restricted to the copy and you can’t control the conversion process as well as sending people to a landing page. For that reason we don’t run a lot of lead generation ads on Facebook.


Engagement ads are not good for conversions, however they are amazing at establishing social proof. This means they’re really good for your awareness ads and audience building.

With engagement ads Facebook will place your ad in front of audiences that are most likely to engage with your content by reaching, commenting, or sharing.

Brand Awareness

As the name suggests, Facebook brand awareness objectives focuses on maximising the amount of people who will remember your brand after viewing your ad.

This is perfect for big national companies who really want to focus on brand awareness.

We’ve had great success working with major national retailers using brand awareness ads.

Running brand awareness campaigns will create consistency in your branding effort and will compound over time to get more people aware of your business.

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