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When it comes to the type of advertising campaign you should run and the budget you should set, we always turn to the Facebook Advertising Pyramid.

You should look at budgeting and allocating funds towards the 4 different types of ads.

Those four types are:

Lead generation

Audience building


Sales conversion

Here’s where most people go wrong. Most people just focus on one type of ad.

How to Use All 4 Ad Types

You have to use a mix to be successful with your campaigns.

The audience building ads takes your cold audience and warms them up.

The lead generation ad gets them into your sales funnel.

The awareness ad helps you establish authority and builds trust.

And the sales conversion ad gives your lead the opportunity to become a customer.

If you don’t build your campaigns this way then all you’re doing is generating leads and hoping people are going to buy your products or service.

Selling online is all about TRUST.

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