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I ran my first Facebook Advertising campaign way back in 2012 and failed massively.

I’d spent around £500 and had no sales.

It was gut wrenching as my business was a start up and cash was tight!

My initial response was Facebook Advertising doesn’t work and that I had wasted my money.

I’m not one to give up on anything so I kept plugging away and found a mentor who gave me a lot of advice.

I starting applying the formula I’m about to show you and I started to slowly get results.

This formula hasn’t changed much over the years and has resulted in thousands of successful advertising campaigns for my own business and all of our clients at Leading Light Media.

If you don’t all of this formula, your Facebook Advertising campaigns will NOT work.

  1. Audience – If you don’t fully understand who you are trying to target, you’ll never find the right people and won’t be able to target them on Facebook. It’s extremely important to know where they are, what they like, what interests they have, what resources they consume.
  2. Messaging – This is where most businesses struggle. It’s being able to talk or write to somebody in the right way to get them to take action. Your message has to resonate with your audience and connect with them.
  3. Offer – How compelling and powerful is your offer? If it’s not strong enough, people won’t be motivated to take action. A weak offer isn’t going to get anyone’s attention in the Facebook newsfeed.
  4. Optimisation – Most people think that the first advert they create will result in hundreds of thousands in sales. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and we have to split test and optimise our adverts to get the best results.
  5. Long-Term Strategy – Facebook Advertising isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. You need to look at the long-term strategy and building a “tribe” of loyal followers

If you understand these 5 components, then you’ll see a much greater chance of success with your Facebook ads.

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