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You’ve most likely seen that Donald Trump has a big social following across his various platforms and isn’t afraid to voice whatever is on his mind. Most people would believe that his social profiles and celebrity status helped him gain popularity and the White House. However, Trump’s digital director has recently explained how Facebook ads were the crucial tool that helped him get elected.

Fine-tuned political Facebook ad campaigns allowed Trump to reach voters with the exact messages they cared about most. Most of Trump’s digital advertising budget was spent on Facebook and they tested more than 50,000 ad variations each day in an attempt to target voters. Facebook actually sent some of their employees to work in Trump’s digital office to get the best possible results. The price tag attached to that was around $90 million dollars but it did help him get in the White House.

Parscale, Trump’s digital director used campaigns to reach clusters of rural voters, such as “15 people in the Florida Panhandle that I would never buy a TV commercial for”.

This is the beauty of Facebook advertising and why it’s such a game changer, even for Trump. The targeting features allow you to pinpoint your exact target market with a message that connects with your audience. The key to any marketing is the message to market match and Facebook allows you to do this is the best possible way.

Parscale in his recent report talks about “I started making ads that showed the bridge crumbling”. “I can find the 1,500 people in a town that cares about infrastructure. Now, that might be a voter that normally votes Democrat.” Being able to target that precisely will be one of the biggest factors that contributed to the success of the campaigns.

They kept testing the campaigns and constantly tested variations in the design, color, background and copy of the Facebook ads, in order to get the best results. Sometimes they tested over 100,000 alterations! This is split testing on steroids and helped them refine ads and engage users.

The big misconception a lot of businesses have is that Facebook is a “one hit wonder”. They’ll start a campaign and all of a sudden sales will be flowing in on tap. This is not the case and it takes a lot of testing to find the winning formula. Trump’s digital director knew this and that’s why he tested over 100,000 alterations.

Facebook is a game changer not only for Trump but for businesses that are willing to adapt and use it to their advantage.

They helped Trump get in the White House.

If you’re not already using Facebook ads, how could they help your business?

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