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Many businesses struggle when it comes to creating a good offering to their prospects. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a Facebook Ad, writing an email to your list, or sending out direct mail. Every piece of marketing has to have an irresistible offer for people to respond to.

Marketing is really about motivating people to take action, often action that they wouldn’t normally do purely using their own initiative. They have to pick up the phone, click on an ad, drive to a shop, send an email and take action.

If your offer isn’t compelling enough to make people take action, then it will perish. You’ll want to make sure every offer you present to your prospects includes these 8 elements:

1. The offer must be clear and easy to understand. You want to make it easy for people to take you up on your offering as confused people won’t respond.

2. Build massive amounts of value in your offering. Good value will attract people towards your offering.

3. Offer a discount or a free gift in your offer that incentivises people to take action.

4. Always use logic in your offer. If you offer a discount or free gift make sure you explain why you’re doing it to lower people’s scepticism.

5. Use an amazing risk reversal guarantee. “Try it completely free for 30 days; if you don’t like it send it back with no questions asked”.

6. Use scarcity as a psychological trigger. The more you limit something the more people want it before it’s all gone. It also allows you to charge more when things are scarce.

7. Appeal to the six emotional drivers behind people’s subconscious decision making process. Love, Pride, Guilt, Fear, Greed, Lust.

8. Add one time only bonuses attached only to that offer.

Symptoms of a bad offer are usually tied to your conversion rate. You should always be measuring the response of your marketing campaigns and your conversion rate. If your conversion rate is low, then you’ll want to try a different ad with a better offer.

In most circumstances I see two main factors that cause a bad conversion rate. Firstly, wrong audience selection. Imagine selling a beef burger at a vegetarian convention, it would be stupid wouldn’t it? You laugh but so many businesses do things like that. Secondly, it’s your offer. Use this checklist every time you put together a new offer to make sure you produce the highest conversion rate possible.

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